Solo experimental noise project run by Jon Silpayamanant. Currently in the Louisville metro area. Live eletronics, amplified sheet metal, found objects, and occasionally cello. Mostly improvisational, almost always loud….Active since 1996.


“When he started manipulating the sheet metal, I was expecting something violent. Instead, he was controlled and sometimes even delicate. This was his instrument and he treated it like a lover, as if the sheet metal was enjoying this as much as he was. It was pretty intense.” –Marian Aanerud (aka sinmantix)


“You can tell he enjoys what he’s doing. He’s not trying to shock, he’s not too freakin artsy, he just plays and it’s always a lot of fun… I can’t remember how many shows we’ve done with him, but I can say this. Whether the sound sucks, or is awesome, whether there’s 5 people or 100, he puts on a good show and seems to have a great time doing it.” – Rosemary Malign (of Gloryhole)


“[T]he sound of 200 rusty-jointed mechanical cows being dragged off to an abbatoir in a hailstorm while a bulldozer cracking a whip of bicycle chains and throwing bottles urged them on.” –Blake Edwards (of Crippled Intellect Productions)


“Excrutiatingly annoying and generally worthless. I can’t believe this guy was
a classically trained cellist, will wonders never cease?!” –Sam Clevenger (of About the Fire)