Discography updated!

I’ve got (most) f my discography back online. About 34 different albums here. 14 Solo; 3 EPs; 4 Split Releases; 9 Comps; and 4 other albums I’m credited in for sound or as source material for remixes. Two different German lables, two different Canadian labels, a Dutch label; Australian label; Danish label, Ecuadorian label, and…

Lullabies for Two Week Olds

So I’m finally recording not one, but TWO, new albums. Thaniel Ion Lee has asked me for an to be released on his online label, Humanhood Recordings, in October.  And after many years, I’ve finally decided to finish my Lullabies for Two Year Olds, which will be out sometime within the next month or so….

What’s This Called – February 11, 2017 – KPSU.org

A track (“La Caccia”) from my album “Autumn: Four Seasons Part I” is on the playlist of “What’s This Called“ from February 11, 2017. Check out the whole show here. View the playlist here. What’s This Called airs Saturdays, Noon Pacific Time on KPSU.org.

Arts + Literature Laboratory in Madison

While I won’t be there for the performance, my friend and time-based artist, Christine Olson, will be using some of my sounds for a live performance art piece at the Arts + Literature Laboratory in Madison, WI. She’s used my audio for a number of her works over the years and we’ve had the chance…

Noisefest X vid

I brought my interactive video/cello project, Camera Lucida, to Noisefest X at the Lemp this year–our set was more ambient/experimental than noisey, but we had a great time!